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Hey good people, I hope you are doing good. I was trying to write a program where,  given a string name, e.g. "bob", return a greeting of the form "hello bob!". I was surfing over the internet and find this question from one of the websites. This problem is beyond my understanding. I looking forward to you for a solution.

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Gavin, we can do it by creating a simple string type method. I hope you already know about java methods well. If not, you should learn, and practice it ASAP. Java is an OOP language, so learning the usages methods and objects is a must in java. It makes our program efficient and multi-functional alongside. 

Let’s write a program that works as like as you want:

public class HelloBob {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        HelloBob test = new HelloBob();
    public String helloString(String input) {
        return "Hello " + input + "!";

Keep exploring and solving problems.

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