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This is a novice of c++ programming. I am trying to take input some data from a text file and store it into an array. So, my question is very simple, “How to open a text file in c++ and input into an array

Your effort and solution is must apprecitaed.

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Hello Gavin,
This is not a noob question at all but an interesting one. Yeah, you take input from a text file and save it into an array.

I am trying to shed some light on this but let me show you the sample code first:

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;
int main ()
    string array[2]; 
    short loop=0; 
    string line; 
    ifstream myfile ("Test.txt"); 
    if (myfile.is_open()) 
        while (! myfile.eof() ) 
            getline (myfile,line); 
            array[loop] = line;
            cout << array[loop] << endl; 
    else cout << "can't open the text file"; 
    return 0;

Well, here it is. Now, let's try to decode our program. The three header files are used for the following:

input-output stream, input, and output operations and use to create files, and saving the line into the array.

Dive into the main function, we created a string array to hold the names inside the array and the string line will store the data from the text file up to two values using the for-loop. 

I hope, this little explanation will help you to get the program well. 

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