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Hello good souls,

I am a new student of Java. I just started learning and trying to solve java problems. Right now, I am working with the arrays. I can do some basic things with an array. I am finding something more advance problems of an array. Thus I thought to find the maximum and minimum value in an array. Still, I don’t know is it an advance level problem or not but for me it is! So, my question is simple, how to find minimum and maximum values in an array in java?

Let’s say I have an array

Integer[] num = { 2, 4, 6, 5, 8 }; 

Thanks in advance for your effort.

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Thanks for your specific and to the point question. You asked the question very clearly. Well, you have an array declared in your program, you can easily find out the Minimum and Maximum value of it. You can either use iteration or pre-defined function to do this.

As you said in your question, you want to proceed to the advance level, I decided to show you it by using a function. I hope you already know how to use or handle an iteration.

So, let’s have a look into the program below:

import java.util.Arrays; 
import java.util.Collections; 
public class MinNMax { 
public static void main(String[] args) 
        Integer[] num = { 2, 4, 6, 5, 8 }; 
        int min = Collections.min(Arrays.asList(num)); 
        int max = Collections.max(Arrays.asList(num)); 
        System.out.println("The minimum number of this array is : " + min); 
        System.out.println("The maximum number of this array is : " + max); 

aslist() typecasts a list from the array passed in its argument. This function is defined in “Java.utils.Arrays“ library. To bring out the maximum and minimum number from the array I used Collections.max() and Collections.min() methods.


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