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Problem :

I have few years of experience in working with C programming. Now I am preparing for the interview and while preparing for it I came to below question for which I don’t have any working code.

C program to find square root of a number without using sqrt function”.

Can somebody help me in answering above question?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

This is very tricky question for any programmer. I have also asked this question in many interviews but most of the time I got wrong answers from the candidates. So I am trying to answer it for you.

Below is the code which needs only 6 iterations to meet to the maximum precision for the double numbers:

#include <math.h>
double SquareRoot(double x) {
    if (x <= 0)
        return 0;       // if in case the negative number throws the exception
    int exp = 0;
    x = frexp(x, &exp); // extract the binary exponent from the x
    if (exp & 1) {      // to get the exponent to be even
        x *= 2;
    double y = (1+x)/2; // this is our first approximation
    double z = 0;
    while (y != z) {    // we are compare doubles
        z = y;
        y = (y + x/y) / 2;
    return ldexp(y, exp/2); //we can have  multiply answer by 2^(exp/2)
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