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Problem :

I am new to the Python programming. I am facing below error while trying to execute my code.

File "C:\Users\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\keras\engine\training_arrays.py", line 217, in fit_loop
    callbacks.on_epoch_end(epoch, epoch_logs)

  File "C:\Users\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\keras\callbacks.py", line 79, in on_epoch_end
    callback.on_epoch_end(epoch, logs)

  File "C:\Users\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\keras\callbacks.py", line 338, in on_epoch_end
    self.progbar.update(self.seen, self.log_values)

AttributeError: 'ProgbarLogger' object has no attribute 'log_values'

Please Note : I have a latest version of AnacondaKeras and Python.

I am trying to fix this error since yesterday but I am unable to fix it. Can somebody help me in fixing the above mentioned error?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

I am trying to answer your question. The error can occur for multiple conditions as given below.

The most frequent condition to cause the above error is if you are using the smaller datasets then those datasets are small enough to not have the single sample in your validation set. As a result it cannot calculate the validation loss.

Another condition which I can recall for above error if in cases where the dataset is small and calculated the validation_steps and the steps_per_epoch which surprisingly turned out to be zero and caused the error.

The last condition I can recollect when your error occurs is because you might have forgotten to set the validation_data in your fit() method and you might have used 'callbacks': then it can cause error.

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