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I was trying to put some data of my workers in a data frame. I was trying to add their data in an existing Data frame. So I wrote this code:
import pandas as panda 

data = 'Name': ['Sam', 'Prince', 'Goragno', 'Abraham'], 
        'Qualification': ['Msc', 'Bsc', 'Msc', 'M.Phil'] 

df = panda.DataFrame(data) 

address = ['Vancuver', 'New Orland', 'Olulu', 'Gorgia'] 

df['Address'] = address 



But when I run this program it shows:

  File "workers.py", line 4
    data = 'Name': ['Sam', 'Prince', 'Goragno', 'Abraham'], 
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I am newbee please help me to solve this and please explain to me why am I getting this type of errors?

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2 Answers

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The main reason you are getting this error because you did not put your data in a list so you should use 


and open and a closing bracket for this.

And write your code as:

import pandas as panda 

data = {'Name': ['Sam', 'Prince', 'Goragno', 'Abraham'], 
        'Qualification': ['Msc', 'Bsc', 'Msc', 'M.Phil']} 

df = panda.DataFrame(data) 

address = ['Vancuver', 'New Orland', 'Olulu', 'Gorgia'] 

df['Address'] = address 


Hope this may help you. Happy Coding.

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Pro Tip: When you are getting an error or warning from the Python interpreter you should read the message carefully. The compiler or interpreter always gives a hint of our mistakes. Anyway, in your case, you are getting a SyntaxError because you’ve defined a dictionary with some mixed data. In python, a dictionary starts with a curly brace and ends with the same. For example:

dict = {'Name': 'Zara', 'Age': 7, 'Class': 'First'}

Now, have a close look at your defined dictionary. You missed the curly braces. You should have written it this way:

data = {'Name': ['Sam', 'Prince', 'Goragno', 'Abraham'], 'Qualification': ['Msc', 'Bsc', 'Msc', 'M.Phil']}

The dictionary looks good now. Should solve the error. Good day!

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