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I am getting an error message: windows error 2 occurred while loading the java VM

I was just wondering if anyone had seen this kind of error before and if so, how to solve it. The very few answers I can find online relate to this issue.

Somebody please step ahead and pull me up. Thanks

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The Windows error 2 while loading the Java VM error message is one that pops up for some users when trying to install software that relies on the Launch Anywhere Java launcher. Consequently, the users can’t install the software when that error message pops up.

We can solve the problem by checking these two steps one by one.

Updating Java: Go to java control panel and update your java to the latest and give it a try

# Deleting  Java system variable path: This problem might be solved after deleting the system variable path. To do this open Run and go to system properties by typing systempropertiesadvanced and then change/delete your path by taping on the advance tab.


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