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I am a python newbee. I was trying to  print string and int on same line of a python code. The code I wrote is:

a = int(input("Please Enter a Number: "))
print("Your Number is" a)

but when I run this it shows an error message:

File "main.py", line 2
    print("Your Number is" x)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I am not able to do this please help me to solve this problem?

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You sould put a comma(,) before your a to get no errors. So write your code like:

a = int(input("Please Enter a Number: "))

print("The number is", a)

And yo will get an output like:

Please Enter a Number: 12
The number is 12

or you can also write your code like:

a = int(input("Please Enter a Number: "))

print("The number is " + str(a))

Happy coding.

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