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Problem :

Currently I am learning r. I have the data table "normal" which has the numeric as far as I know normalized values.

If I try to execute the below command

k <- kmeans(normal,center=3)

Then I always face the below error:

“Error in do_one(nmeth) : NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call (arg 1)”
I am trying to fix it by researching on it but still unable to fix it.
Can somebody help me in fixing it?
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1 Answer

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Solution :

I guess your table has lots of NaN/NA/Inf .You can confirm it using the is.na() and is.finite() functions.
You need to remove all the NA/Inf/NaN values from the data. You can take help of "missing value imputation" functions for more details. This one simple method is helpful in replacing NA/Inf/NaN by the row/column mean values. 
The kmeans is unable to handle the data which has NA values.In that case the mean and variance are no longer well defined and also you cant confirm anymore about which center is closest. You can also try to omit the NA values which are present in your table with the use of below code.
km_cluster <- kmeans(na.omit(MyData), 3)

Hope my above solution helped you in fixing your issues.

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