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I've got a project in which I'm using Java+Scala+Slick2D. The project itself runs well when launched from within eclipse. But when I try to make a jar file, it just refuses to work. Here's the error I keep getting when trying to export it as a Runnable jar: could not find main method from given launch configuration with an eclipse UI Runnable JAR File export

What could be the right solution for this particular situation? Any idea?

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I just encountered the same problem. I solved it on my own.

If you are using a windows-based Eclipse, you may follow these steps below:

  1. Open "Run As" --> "Run Configuration" on the project you want to export

  2. Click "Search" for Eclipse to refresh the list of main class

  3. Then export the Runnable JAR file again, and everything goes smoothly.

Please let me after completing those steps if it is not working. We may find another way.

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Still did not work after following steps

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