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Hello Kodlogs,

I am a student of the Python programming language. I am taking an online course to learn it. Every day they take classes on each topic and provide some simple problems to solve as an assignment.

I had a class on String type yesterday and have got a few problems to solve. I’ve solved them except one. The last problem is saying, Remove first and last character from string python.

I tried in different ways but I failed to succeed.  Could any of you please give me a solution to make it happen for me. Please keep it as simple as possible, it will help me to understand easily.


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You can easily do it by using the .split() function. Have a look at below code snippet. I used a for-loop iteration to check my string and remove characters from my string.

def FirstAndLast(string) :   
    myStr = string.split(); 
    res = ""; 
    for n in myStr : 
        res += n[1:len(n) - 1] + " "; 
    return res; 
if __name__ == "__main__" :    
    string = "My Name Is Gavin"; 

Reply to this thread if you have any confusion about it. Leave a kudos if you solved the problem.


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