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Hello Kodlogs,

I am going through a problem for the last few minutes. I tried to solve it in many ways but still couldn’t get rid of this. I’ve learning c++ programming language from last week. So, you can treat me as a novice in it.

I have a c++ program and I am trying to pass arguments through a function in it but it throws an error  c++ invalid conversion from const char* to char while I hit the run button.

Find my code snippet below and provide me a legit solution.

stringstream data;
char *addr=NULL;

And the function I tried to call:

void Printfunc(int a, char *loc, char *stream)

Thanks. Good day!

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As I can understand, retstring() is a function that returns a string. Before further proceeding check this.

However, your data.str().c_str() function produces a char const* but the function Printfunc()  wants char*s so, here comes the problem. In that case, you need to fix the declaration to solve the error.

Something like this:

void Printfunc(int a, char const* loc, char const* stream)

This should run fine, now. Give it a try and leave your feedback here.
Good day!

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