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Hello Kodlogs,

I have got a question from my fellow (java learner) friend and the question is: find the largest number in an array java

I know about the array and I can print all the values sequentially. Moreover, I can add two different values of an array in java, but I couldn't catch the logic of the problem given to me. It seems to me that, it might be something array sorting though I am not sure at all.

Could any of you please give me a proper solution and tell me how to find the largest number in an array java?

Thanks to all.

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This is a pretty much easy program to write. We will declare a variable (say maximum) and store the value of the first element of the given array. Furthermore, we will check every element of the array and compare with the variable maximum. By the end of the iteration, we will have our largest element inside our function largest().  We will call upon the function inside our main method and simply print it.

public class Test{ 
     static int myarr[] = {10,24,15,9,98};       
     static int largest(){ 
         int n; 
         int maximum = myarr[0];         
         for (n = 1; n < myarr.length; n++) 
             if (myarr[n] > maximum) 
                 maximum = myarr[n]; 
         return maximum; 
public static void main(String[] args){ 
     System.out.println("Largest number is: " + largest()); 

I hope you get it. Leave a kudos if you have got the solution.

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