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Hello all,

I am a new student in the Python programming language. I am learning through a textbook. I just completed the String chapter and started solving the problems of this chapter. Some of the problems are easy to solve for me. I stuck on a point and the problem says to find last occurrence of character in string python

I am surfing over the internet for a while but still didn’t find any relevant answer that I can understand easily. I think Kodlogs is easy to understand. I’ve seen some of the solutions answered by the good people.

If anybody could help me would be great for me.

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1 Answer

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Thanks for choosing this platform. I am trying to solve your problem as easier as I can.

str = input("Please enter your own String : ")
char = input("Please enter your own Character : ")
flag = -1
for n in range(len(str)):
    if(str[n] == char):
        flag = n
if(flag == -1):
    print("Sorry! No such character is available ")
    print("The Last Occurrence of ", char, " is Found at Position " , flag + 1)

Here if you provide the string as:

My name is Gavin

And looking for the char=n to its last occurrence. It will provide the output:

The Last Occurrence of n is Found at Position 16


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