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Problem :

Currently I am trying to use the Google Drive in one of the projects with the use of API. But If I try to open the popup then I am facing below error.

In order to select an item from your online storage, please sign in.

To fix the above issue I tried to do the research on it I found below solutions on it.

1.  Need to Disable Block third-party cookies from the chrome browser.

2.  Allow [*.]google.com

But both above solutions are not working for me. Is there anyone who can help me in fixing above error?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

I can help you in fixing your error related to Google.

The easiest way to fix your issue is as below

Go to Settings in your Chrome then you need to go to Content Settings and simply Uncheck Block third-party cookies and site data.

If above solution is not working for you then you can use below approach

Validating your token may work before using your token each time but it may add some extra overhead for the rare use-case when each time we try to load your picker and if calling your API endpoints with the use of token after you try to re-authenticate issue and there was no key about the token being invalid. Then you can try to validate your token by simply making the web service request to the endpoint on a Google Authorization Server and then you can perform the string match on a results of your web service request.

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