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I admit it that Java programming is fun but it seems confusing sometimes. I am trying to adopt somethings about method and object in java. I know how to create a method and calling it inside the main method. I have a very simple question, can a void method have a return statement? What happens if I try to return values from a void method?
A well-explanation is expected. Thanks again, guys.

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In Java, the keyword return used as a special and reserved keyword, not as a modifier. It is used at the end of any function with or without a value. Basically, it helps to exit a method.

As per your question, Yes, a void method can have a return statement as well as it can return a value. Let see:

public class MethodTest { 
    void myMethod(int x, int y){ 
        int sum = 0; 
        sum = (x + y); 
        return sum;
    public static void main(String[] args{ 
        System.out.println(new MethodTest().myMethod(5,6)); 


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