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Problem :

I am new to Windows servers. Recently I have started facing below error on my server if I try to map my drive on my command line:

"Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user”.

But if I try to do the "net use" then surprisingly I see no open Explorer windows to my remote computer also nothing is shown on my remote computer.

I am unable to fix above error. Is there anyone who knows the fix for above error.

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Solution :

I had faced the same issue in the past and after doing lot of research on it I found solution on your issue.

So if you try to remove your shared folder with the use of below command

 net use * /del

I can surely say that on your server side you can still find a connection up there.

So to fix your problem you must map your drive in such a specific way to make windows think that it is the other share on different server. To achieve this the easiest way is to use the DNS aliases or the ip addresses. If it is your first mapping and if using the ip address for example \\IP\Share and it is with your current credential then in that case the solution is easy you must use like \\ServerName\Share password /user:Domain\Username it will create the new share with a new credentials.

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