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I am getting the following error :

error: array initializer must be an initializer list or string literal

For the array;

char x[80] = GetString();  

Can any body explain or help?

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First, when declaring a char array, you've to specify its size within the brackets like:

char arr[10]; or char arr[20];
except when you're initializing it with a string literal.

And since we don't know the number of characters the user will enter beforehand which we may consider that GetString() takes care of that and returns a string (a char *). You may just declare a string and assign GetString() to it like that:

string x = GetString();
then access the contents of that string like you'd do with a char array. For example, if I wanna print out the first char in that string I may have something like this:

printf("%c\n", x[0]);
by assuming you're using a char array for any reason, you don't have to cast the char you're accessing to a char since it's already a char

And a secoend way to initialize is:

char arr[7];

arr[0] = 'k';
arr[1] = 'a';
arr[2] = 'm';
arr[3] = 'r';
arr[4] = 'u';
arr[5] = 'l';
arr[6] = '\0';


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