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I was doing my coding practice of python using numpy. I wrote this code:

def create_traini_data(): 
    trainingday_data = [1100] 
    for img in tqdm(os.listdir(TRAIN_DIR)): 
        label = label_img(img) 
        path = os.path.join(TRAIN_DIR, img) 
        training_data.append([np.array(img), np.array(label)]) 
       np.save('traini_data.npy', training_data) 

    return training_data 

    traini_data = create_traini_data() 
    traini = traini_data[:-400]

It throws error:

ValueError: setting an array element with a sequence

Can anybody help?

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You can solve this in two ways . The first way is:

X = np.array([i[0] for i in traini]).reshape(-1, IMG_SIZE, IMG_SIZE, 1)

And the secoend way is:

MyX=np.asarray( traini[0])
X = MyX.reshape(-1, IMG_SIZE, IMG_SIZE, 1)


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