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I am new in python programming and I have been doing a course on it as a new comer I tried to repeat some char in a string. I wrote a code :

def Work(str):
    for i in range(len(str)):
        return i * 2

But it does not work . how can I do this?

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The main reason your code is not working may be your return function. If you want to repeat char in string please use this code:

def Work(str):
    allin = ''
    for character in str:
        allin = allin + char + char 
    return allin

If you dont want to use loops you can use:

def Work(str):
    return ''.join([c+c for c in str])

I hope this may help you the most. If you still do not understand please fell free to ask me anything you want to know about this thing.

Happy Coding.

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but char is not defined here .

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