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Well, comparing two strings lengths in a c++ program is quite easy. I wonder if I can compare two strings c++ without using strcmp! Do you have any idea guys? Please, share with me.
Thanks for your concern.

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As far as your problem is concern, yes! there are some other ways to compare two strings in c++. We can use Relational operators and std:: Compare() function. Hence I love the second option, I am going with it. 

#include <iostream>
using namespace std; 
void compareString(string str1, string str2){ 
    int n = str1.compare(str2); 
    if (n != 0) 
        cout << str1 << " is not as like as "
             << str2 << endl; 
    if (n > 0) 
        cout << str1 << " is larger than "
             << str2 << endl; 
        cout << str2 << " is larger than "
             << str1 << endl; 
int main(){ 
    string str1("Hello-World"); 
    string str2("World-Hi"); 
    compareString(str1, str2); 
    return 0; 

Here I declared two different string into two differents variable str1 and str2. And then pass these string through a function compareString() as parameters. The program should throw an output

Hello-World is not as like as World-Hi
World-Hi is larger than Hello-World

Leave me a kudos if the problem is solved. Thanks!

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