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Hello guys, I have a big number of .csv file with full of data. I want to merge them all in a single file. It is a hectic job to copy all the data from each and compile into one single file. So, I am willing to combine multiple .csv files into one using a python program. Could anybody please help me to do it.

Thanks for your effort guys.

Note: I named all the .csv files under a series. Let say they are named with data1-data100

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Let me assume, you want to merge all the data from other files into the first file data1.csv file. So, you need to open the first file and then copy all the data from others and gather it into the first file.

for line in open("data1.csv"):
for num in range(2,100):
    f = open("data"+str(num)+".csv")
    for line in f:

GIve it a try and leave a comment below my answer if you have not overcome the problem.

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