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Problem :

Currently I am learning Javascript. I know the expression false && anything is short-circuit evaluated to false. According to this information I can certainly expect false && true || true must be evaluate to the false. But this is not the case. I saw that expected result false is only given if the above statement is only written as below:

false && (true || true)

I have already done a lot of research on it and I only understood with it is above statement is only evaluated by the order of precedence. So please help me in finding correct solution of below question.

What is the value of the following expression? true || true && false”?

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2 Answers

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Solution :

I can help you in understanding the short circuit. The use of short circuit is not to waste cycles evaluating the expression at right side only if it can no longer affect your result of your logical operator.
As far as your expression in question is considered it clearly means that your right hand side expression (true) of the false && true will be completely ignored as || true is not the part of your expression.
So now pay close attention this is what will happen in execution:
The logical operator && will be evaluated for the very first time.
Above expression has two expressions on both sides of your && which need to be. evaluated next.
Your first expression (false) and it evaluates to false.
Then your second expression (true) is short-circuited as the logical operator can never result in anything but the false.
The false && true has been evaluated to the false.
Now the logical operator || will be evaluated in next step.
Your first expression (false) is evaluates to false.
And your second expression (true) is evaluates to true.
Now your false || true has been evaluated to true.
And so finally the end result is true.


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Your confusion all comes down to a misunderstanding of precedence.

A mathematical analogue could be "0 multiplied by anything equals 0." Consider the following expression below:

0 x 100 + 5

In any programming language, or a decent calculator, this evaluates to 5. The "0 times anything" axiom is true - however the "anything" in this case is 100, NOT 100 + 5! For viewing why, compare it to this:

5 + 0 x 100

It doesn't matter whether you include the 5 at the beginning or the end - the operator precedence rules remove ambiguity from the statement.

In JavaScript boolean logic, && has higher precedence than ||. Because each operator is commutative, writing

false && true || true

is exactly the same as writing

true || false && true

You are looking at precedence wrong.

&& is done first, then || so what it looks like is how you wrote it:

(false && true) || true

So the MDN link is correct.

The language performs by parsing an expression into abstract syntax tree. This expression false && true || true gets parsed into like this:

         /  \
       &&    true
      /  \
 false    true

Just after building the AST, the short-circuited evaluation can take place.

The false && anything is short-circuit appraised to false.

quote applies just to a sound sub-tree where false and anything are subtrees of && node, :

      /  \
 false    true

which meansrefers just the false && true gets short-ciruit appraised to false and resulting false || true is evaluated to true

JavaScript will parse this expression :

1) false && true //evaluates to false
2) false || true //equals true. The first false is the result above

It's simple to find how JavaScript parse this whole expression :

(function(){alert(1); return false; })() && 
(function(){alert(2); return true; })() || 
(function(){alert(3); return true; })()


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