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Windows Disk Cleanup is the utility to use whenever you want to defragment your hard drive?

True or False

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The answer is false. Following is the reason


Defragmenting a hard drive with window 7 is very simple. Windows 7 automatically schedules a disk fragmentation session to run every week. However, the user can not ensure that his machine is ready for the defrag process.

Defragmented your hard drive can be treated as a Real Big Deal. Hard drives get cluttered with the random bits of the file that are scattered all over the surface of the drive before the process automation.

Windows Vista:

With the window vista, Microsoft automates the defrag process but removed the user interface. A user can not know how far the computer will be in the defrag process, which could take hours. They could schedule one drive at a time.


When you open the Disk defragmenter;

  • Choose start
  • Click on All programs
  • From where go to Accessories -> System tools.
  • From the system, tools select Disk Defragmenter.

You will see the familiar scheduler box. You can also see the Current Status of the box that shows to each of your drives when they have defragmented last time and the completion percentage of the current session


Window 7 does not defrag solid-state drives such as flash drives. They do not need defragmentation because they have a limited lifespan.

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