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Problem :

I am very new to WinSCP. If I want to SSH into my cluster then I need to go through two stages. I need to enter my password two times to reach my home directory using the SSH in my Linux terminal or the PuTTY.

But if I want to use the WinSCP recently I have started facing below error:

Trying SFTP:

Cannot initialize SFTP protocol. Is the host running a SFTP server?

How to fix above problem?

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1 Answer

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Solution :

I have read your problem and I have solution on your problem please go through below solution. I know this error is very misleading in some cases for beginners. I am assuming that your SSH is working properly then your error may be because of your bash is outputting some text which is breaking the SCP. If you SSH into your system there must be some text printed for example some of the welcome text. If this is your scenario then you can try to put a test in your ~/.bashrc and then you need to check if your shell is enough interactive or not. If it is not enough interactive then please do not print anything. You can use below lines of code to skip printing anything you need to put below lines of code at a very beginning of .bashrc :

#Detect if in SCP
if [ -z "$PS1" ]; then

Hope my solution helps you in fixing it.

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