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Problem :

I am very new to Magneto. Currently I have the Magento properly installed and it is in running condition. But if I try to add any new product then in that case I am always facing below error:

“Image type and information need to be specified for each store view.”

I have already tried below steps :

I simply Navigated to the System then went to Manage stores. Then I clicked one each of your store views and after that selected “disable”. Then I clicked on Save . After that I cleared all the cache.  And then also clicked on  re-enable your store view. Also cleared the cache one more time.

After that I tried adding the store view then again repeated all above steps again but that did not work for me so I simply deleted a store view which I created earlier as current site needs only one store view.

Can someone guide me in fixing above mentioned error?

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Solution :

I had faced this problem in recent past. I was also a lot annoyed like you right now. I also tried to look into the configuration and I realized that I was running my Magento in the sub-directory..

So I simply created the new folder in my root called as skin and after that I tried to upload the copy of my adminhtml from my server. After those simple steps my issue was fixed.

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