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Problem :

I have recently written a Java Web Start application using NetBeans it does a very simple file upload task. Also I have already got it completely signed now but now I am facing a very new problem.

One of my main class methods is called by the JavaScript and now somehow it stopped working. If I try to call this function manually in Firebug then I face below message:

Liveconnect call for applet id 6 is not allowed in this jvm instance”.

Please Note : I have the most up-to-date version of my Java plugin. Is there anyone who can fix above error for me?

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Solution :

I had faced this issue in recent past so I can help you in fixing it. I had updated my Manifest file. It seems Oracle recently changed the way the Liveconnect works now so you must be precise when you are allowing the subdomains which can call your applet.

To achieve this you need to add the Caller-Allowable-Codebase and Application-Name directives to your Manifest file and you must not include Trusted-Library true. After making these changes I was able to adjust the Manifest file and then everything started working again.

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