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I am trying to print some string in my python program but for some reason, it’s not working. The compiler says python syntaxerror: EOL while scanning string literal that is totally beyond my understandings. For obvious reason, I am avoiding my original code and attaching a simple dummy code. Please check it and let me know about the problem.

def printStr():
    mystr = "This is
      a test string"

Here is the dummy code snippet. Please pull me up from the problem. Thanks to all.

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The term “EOL” stands for End Of the Line and the error occurred due to forgot ending ( ) quotes. An EOL error means that Python hit the end of a line while going through a string. In your case, you encountered strings spanning multiple lines actionThe reason for this error is that a string enclosed in single or double quotes can't span multiple lines. You need to add triple single quotes ( ‘’’ ) or triple double quotes ( “”” ) end of the line to fix the error. 

def printStr():
    mystr = """This is
      a test string"""

Because python's indentation rules for blocks do not apply to lines inside a multiline string. I hope you get the point.

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