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I am a beginner in programming language and I hvae been doing some coding practice and learning some programing logics .So, can anyone explain me the return statement in a void method of python?

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Any method declared void doesn't return a value. In such a case, a return statement can be used to branch out of a control flow block and exit the method and is simply used like this: return; If you try to return a value from a method that is declared void , you will get a compiler error

In python, return statements allow us to come out of a function and also return a value back to the caller of the function. They cause a function to stop its execution and hand over the value to whichever other statement called it. Even if you were to write any code after a return statement, it would not get executed, because the control would break out of the function. And return statements help in getting information back from a function. But why would you need information back from a function? This is because, while coding an actual application, you would be able to exchange the returned values back and forth between different parts of your programs.

Hope I am able to explain this to you, if you are still confused ask me any thing you want to know.

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