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I am getting an error from my very simple c++ program. It says invalid conversion from int to int*
What does it actually mean? Why I am experiencing this error? I am attaching my code snippet below. Please, check the code and fix the error if you can. 

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main(){
int function(int myData[]){
    return myData;         //error produces here.

and the output I am getting is:

invalid conversion from `int*' to `int'

Many thanks for your effort and valuable time, guys.

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In your program, myData[ ] is an array and its return type is an integer. That’s why the compiler producing the error. To fix the error, either you need to convert the parameter an int 

int function(int myData){
    return myData;         //Now it looks good

Or convert the array to an integer before return it

int function(int myData[]){
    return myData[0];

You may follow any of those methods to avoid the error. Give them a try and let me know it still not works. Thanks.

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