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Learning programming is fun, but it becomes hectic alongside sometimes. I am a novice in C/C++ programming and I’ve written a program that should check student grade/mark but the program is not working for me. Please find my sample code snippet below and let me know where I am doing wrong.

#include <stdio.h>
int main (void){ 
    int num;    
    printf("Enter the number here :");
    scanf("%d",& num);
    switch (num){
    case 1:
        print("Grade 1");
    case 2:
        print("Grade 2");
    case 3:
        print("Grade 3");
        print ("Error");
    return 0;

Thanks for your kind concern guys.

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Before posting the problem you should have a keen eye into your program again. Look into the Switch statement in your program. You tried to call a non-existent function print() from the library <stdio.h>

That’s the reason you are getting the error. Replace all the print() with the printf() and give it another try.

Keep discovering new things and asking. Thanks.

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