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Hello guys, I am learning python nowadays. I am noticing something awkward in my IDE. I am using the pycharm as my daily IDE. Whenever I am running a program my pycharm shows a message process finished with exit code 0. Let’s say if I wan to print

print("hello world")

it shows

pydev debugger: process 21021 is connecting and process finished with exit code 0. I don’t understand what is this! Is that an error message? If this is an error, how can I overcome the error?

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Well, let me come to the point straight. This is not an error message. This is an additional message provided by the pycharm console. You may ask, why the console produces this additional message? This type of massage helps to find the type of error and debug the code easily.
The Process finished with exit code 0 indicates that your program executed perfectly.  Thee are some other kind of message that really indicates a serious and fatal error. In your case, you are on the safe side.


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Hi, I have the same problem and it did not execute perfectly. Although it said "Process finished with exit code 0", it didn't actually print "Hello World". So it says that there are no errors in the code, but it doesn't output what you asked it to show.

My problem occures when I try to run my code to draw a chessboard. It says "Process finished with exit code 0", but it doesn't display my chessboard.

Please help.

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