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Problem :

I am using Swift from some time. It was very useful for beginner like me to get a substring from String with the use of the characters property but now I came to know that it has been deprecated and now Xcode suggests to use the substring. I have already tried to do the research on it but couldn’t found any solution on it. Please find below the warning message for your reference:

'Characters' is deprecated: Please use String or Substring.

I am trying to find fix on above error from couple of days and in this process I have already wasted a lot of time. Now I need expert help to fix the issue.

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Solution :

Now onwards you need to use this characters as the String stopped being used as a collection in Swift 2.0. But this is still a valid code in the Swift 4 and also now it is no longer necessary that the String is a Collection again.

Please find below example for your help the Swift 4 String now has the direct count property which will give you the character count as shown below:

// Swift 4
let spString = "Swift"

Please find below the examples for String and SubString. Swift 4 String now will directly get the Element that gives you first character of String as shown below :

let spString = "Swift"
let firstElement = spString.first

Now using SubString you can get first character as shown below:

let spstring = "Swift"
let indexStartOfText = spstring.index(spstring.startIndex, offsetBy: 1)
let sub = spstring.substring(to: indexStartOfText)
It will surely help you.
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