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Hello all,

I am a secondary school level student and recently started learning Java programming out my curiosity. I have got a textbook on Java programming. I just completed the chapter of for-loop and continue solving the exercises of this chapter. I have got weird a problem says to find the number of digits in a number using a java program.

Being a novice, I really don’t have any idea about this. Could anybody here answer my question, please? I know it’s might be a dumb question for you guys. But, yeah it is important to know for me. Thanks for being nice to me. I must recognize your help.


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Hello Gavin,

You have got a nice question. No matter how the question is, don’t forget to ask. Thanks.
There are a couple of ways to find the number in digits in a number. As you told you just started learning and well-known with the for-loop. I am trying to solve the problem using a simple iteration. Please have a look below program. I hope the program will clarify itself to you as you’ve covered the for-loop topic already.

public class DigitsInNumber{
    static int countDigit(long x){ 
        int counter = 0; 
        while (x != 0) { 
            x = x / 10; 
        return counter; 

  	public static void main(String[] args){ 
        long x = 1052809467; 
        System.out.print("Number of digits : " + countDigit(x)); 

Thanks again. Good Day!

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