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An Excel ____ allows data to be summarized and charted easily?

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Worksheet is combination of cell which keep and manipulate the data and each workbook can multiple worksheet. Worksheet is the name given to the large grid where you perform your  calculations. Sheet is a single page in a file with an electronic spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or google sheets. When you open an electronic spreadsheet program it loads an empty workbook file which consists of one or more blank sheets to work on. By default worksheets are names as sheet1, sheet2, and so on, but you can change this name from your ends.
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The Correct Answer of This question is Worksheet 

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An Excel ____ allows data to be summarized and charted easily.


The ____ button allows you to erase recent cell entries.


The first step in creating an effective worksheet is to make sure you ____.

understand what is required

To enter data in a cell, you must first select the ____.


____ is/are used to place worksheet, column, and row titles on a worksheet.


Clicking the ____ box completes an entry.


The ____ feature works behind the scenes, fixing common typing or spelling mistakes when you complete a text entry.


Pressing the ____ key to complete an entry activates the adjacent cell to the right.


The range of cells receiving copied content is called the ____ area.


You can enter the correct range in a function by typing the beginning and ending cell references separated by a ____.

colon (:)

Excel remembers the last ____ actions you have completed.


A ____ reference is an adjusted cell reference in a copied and pasted formula.


The ____ button allows you to choose whether you want to copy the values from the source area to the destination area with formatting.

Auto Fill Options

You ____ a worksheet to emphasize certain entries and make the worksheet easier to read and understand.


You can apply the Bold font style by pressing the ____ keyboard shortcut keys.


Combining two or more selected cells into one cell is called ____ cells.


Which of the following is the Ribbon path to the Cell Styles button?

(HOME tab | Styles group)

What effect does the Accounting Number Format have on the selected cells?

Displays cell contents with two decimal places that align vertically

What effect does the Comma Style format have on the selected cells?

Displays cell contents with two decimal places and commas as thousands separators

Pressing the ____ keyboard shortcut key(s) selects cell A1.


How many chart types does Excel offer?



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