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Write a String constant consisting of exactly 5 exclamation marks?

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String constants is also know as string literal, it is special type of constants which store fixed sequences characters.  String constant is set of characters enclosed double quotes. For example string constant consists of 5 exclamation mark will be '!!!!!' , and empty string   or null string will be like "". It occupy two bytes.  String constant allow model to be adjusted as strings. String constant size is number of bytes associated with string plus one additional byte for terminating null byte. The character written in double quotes are automatically know as string by the D compiler.
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The string constant the consists of 5 exclamation marks will be  “!!!!!”. It occupies the two bytes.

What is a string constant?

String constant is also known as string literals. String constants are special types of constant that can store a fixed sequence of characters. A string constant can be any sequence of characters that can be enclosed in double-quotes.


Following is an example of a string constant;

“This is a string”

What is a Null string?

A null string or empty string is written as “”. A literal string is stored internally as a given sequence of characters plus the final null characters. A null string is stored as a single null character.

The characters inside the double quotes can include escape sequence like;


It will print as;

“Name” \ Address

The Name is preceded by two tabs. The Address is preceded by one tab. The line id followed by two new lines. The |” provide interior double-quotes. The escape character sequence \\ is translated into \ by the compiler.

Adjacent string literals:

These can be separated only by whitespaces and are concatenated during the parsing phase.


“This is “  “just”

        “ an example.”

Is equivalent to the following.

“This is just an example.”


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