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Problem :

I am very new to XAMPP. I have recently installed the XAMPP on the Windows machine. But suddenly I have started getting below error:

“Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed.”

I had my MySQL database installed on my Windows machine and it also had the password. I tried to change my old password and also tried to put the password in my config.inc.php for my MySQL and after that change I started getting above error: If ever I try to access my index.php I guess something is wrong with my XAMPP installation. Can I have expert help on above issue to fix it?

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2 Answers

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Solution :

First of all you need to check if you have correct  password at your command line login to the mysql you can easily do it using the below command:

mysql -u phpmyadmin -p

After that you need to try the blank password I had found and I got access denied then I entered the command again using my password which I set during installation. Now if your password logs in you so know what your password is. Then you need to edit /etc/phpadmin/config-db.php and you need to change $dbpass=''; to the $dbpass='Your Password'; and after that you need to save the file. Now you need to edit /etc/dbconfig-common/phpmyadmin.conf the you need to change the dbc_dbpass=''; to the  dbc_dbpass='Your Password'; and then save your file. Finally you need to close your browser and then try to reload it then you will now find the old  message has gone way.


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The main reason for this error that the database password has not been set correctly. To solve this error first determine that MySQL server is running the check have you change the password recently. If yes then the reason for the error is the PHPMyAdmin console. To solve this error edit your config. Php file and set the password properly.

Linux based system:

For Linux based system this file is located as;




You can notice the difference between the above two directory paths. For Linux based the system the directory name are case sensitive while under windows operating system the directory names are not case sensitive. For windows operating system first you have to specify which server you are using WAMP or XAMPP. Mostly the configuration files are located under the phpMyAdmin but for XAMPP server the config file is located under the phpMyAdmin directory as;


Set the password:

So the password is set as;

$dbuser =’root’;

$dbpass = ‘password’;


$dbname= ‘phpmyadmin’;

$dbserver =’’;


$dbtype= ‘mysql’;

Check right password:

To check the right password for mysql at the command line login to mysql by using the following command

mysql –u phpmyadmin -p


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