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Problem :

I am very new to R. I am facing a issue while entering CurrentDay. I had previously created it as below :

Transaction <- function(PnL, Day)
  results <- list(a = PnL, b = Day)

The above PnL and Day are both numeric values.

Day <- Transaction(PnL, Day)["b"]

The Transaction returned a as the list and b as the integer.

But my below code always gives following error:

moving_avg <- function(StockData, MA, CurrentDay){
  #MA = Days long the MA is
  #CurrentDay = What day we are currently on
  MAValue <- NULL
  total <- 0
  start <- CurrentDay - MA
  for(i in 1:length(MA)) {
    total <- total + StockData[[start, 4]]
    start <- start + 1
  MAValue <- total/MA

Please guide me why am I receiving below error?

Error in fun(left, right) : non-numeric argument to binary operator.


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2 Answers

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Solution :

I had faced above issue in the scenario where for one of a method where I had passed a numeric value within quotes. Then I had done a lot of research on it. And I was able to find the solution on it. I am sharing the solution with you in form of below code example.

Code giving error as below:


Error free code as below:

I hope my above solution saved your lots of time.


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Since your question is phrased concerning your error message and not whatever your function is attempting to achieve, I will address the error.

- is the 'binary operator' your error is referencing, and either CurrentDay or MA (or both) are non-numeric.

A binary operation is a calculation that takes two values (operands) and produces another value (view wikipedia for more). + is one such operator: "1 + 1" takes two operands (1 and 1) and produces another value (2). Note that the created value isn't necessarily diverse from the operands (e.g., 1 + 0 = 1).

R only knows how to execute + (and other binary operators, such as -) to numeric arguments:

> 1 + 1
[1] 2
> 1 + 'one'
Error in 1 + "one" : non-numeric argument to binary operator

At the time you view that error message, it implies that you are (or the function you're calling is) attempting to readact a binary operation with something that isn't a number.


Your error lies in the use of [ instead of [[. since Day is a list, subsetting with [ will return a list, not a numeric vector. [[, but, returns an object of the class of the item seized in the list:

> Day <- Transaction(1, 2)["b"]
> class(Day)
[1] "list"
> Day + 1
Error in Day + 1 : non-numeric argument to binary operator

> Day2 <- Transaction(1, 2)[["b"]]
> class(Day2)
[1] "numeric"
> Day2 + 1
[1] 3

Transaction, as you've identify it, returns a list of two vectors. Above, Day is a list comprise one vector. Day2, but, is easily a vector.

Error code:


Correct one:



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