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Problem :

I am very new to R. I have very recently joined R project team. I can surely say that there are no NA values in the data still I am facing following error for my below written code:

Please find below my code for your reference:






Please find below my error for your reference:

“Error in svd(x, nu = 0, nv = k) : infinite or missing values in 'x'”.

I have already spent a lot of time in trying to fix above error. So now I am looking for the expert who can suggest quick fix for above error.

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1 Answer

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Solution :

As per your error wants to suggest that you may have the infinite or the missing values. Your log transformation can cause above error if the original data has really no missing values.

I am trying to explain you the solution with below code example:

> dbdata <- c(-1:3)
> l.dbdata <- log(dbdata)
Warning message:
In log(dbdata) : NaNs produced
> l.dbdata
[1]       NaN      -Inf 0.0000000 0.6931472 1.0986123
> dat.pca=prcomp(l.dbdata,center=TRUE,scale=TRUE)
Error in svd(x, nu = 0, nv = k) : infinite or missing values in 'x'
I hope above solution helped you in saving your time.
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