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Hello good souls,

I am a newbie in the programming world. I have started learning C++ programming as my first programming language. I am trying to write a program that takes multiple inputs in a single line. However, I can take a single input using the cin command. Let’s say, I want to take 5 inputs in a single prompt and then print them all in a single line. In my case, it’s not working. Every time I am taking an input the program goes down to the new line asking for another input. How do you do this? PLease, let me know the process. I highly appreciate your help. Thanks

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As you know the cin operator achieves input in a variable. YOu can simply do this by cascading the cin operator in a single line. You were doing something like this

int a,b,c,d;

cout << "Enter value of a" << endl;
cin >> a;

cout << "Enter value of b" << endl;
cin >> b;

cout << "Enter value of c" << endl;
cin >> c;

cout << "Enter value of d" << endl;
cin >> d;

That’s the reason the program was asking for the inputs for each variable in a different line. You want to write something like this:

int a,b,c,d;
cout << "Enter the values of a,b,c, and d here: " << endl;
cin >> a >> b >> c >> d;

Now, the program will ask for all the inputs in a single line and print them in a single line too in the same way (if you want).

Thanks. Have a good day!

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