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Python learning is being hard for me. I just about to start running my very first python program. I’ve installed a fresh python set-up on my machine and done writing my first program.

print  "Hello Python!"

However, the program is not running in my case and producing an error:

can't find '__main__' module in ''

Why does the problem occur? How can I get out of this? I am looking forward to having a legit solution for it.


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Well, the error message indicates that you don’t have a valid python file to build in this particular program. So, make sure you saved your program with a .py extension. After then, on the ‘Tools/Build System’ menu, make sure your build system is set to either ‘auto’ or ‘Python

I think you should read the python documentation very clearly before giving it a clinical start. You, do have to have strong knowledge of a certain programming language before starting it. Go here and read the documentation first.

In the latest python version, you have to use parenthesis in a print function. You want to do something like this

print ("Hello World!");

Good Day!

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