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I have a chunk of python code. IN my program, I am trying to remove vowels from a String. However, my program is not running once I hit the run button. Instead of displaying the result, it is returning an error message “ typeerror: can only join an iterable

Why this type of problem occurs in a program and how may I get rid of this? Any idea? I am looking forward to having a solution to it. Find my sample code snippet below

def test(word):
    lower_vowels = ["a","e","i","o","u"]
    upper_vowels = ["A","E","I","O","U"]
    letters = list(word)

    for vowel in lower_vowels:
            if vowel in word:
                letters = letters.remove(vowel)

    for vowel in upper_vowels:
            if vowel in word:
                letters = letters.remove(vowel)

    word = ", "
    word = word.join(letters)
    return word

What seems to be the problem with my code? It might be the .join() function who creates the error.

Thanks for your expert opinion.

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After reviewing your code snippet I’ve got the error from the program. The problem is in the line:

letters = letters.remove(vowel)

Here, the .remove() method never return a value. This line will set the letters to none. So, it will not be iterable in your program. The .remove() function will only remove the first occurrence in the letters.

Now, this should work. Re-write your program and give it another try. If it doesn’t work, please let me know. I’ll have a look again.


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