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Hello guys,
I have a chunk of python code where I am trying to extract all the links from a particular website. For that, I am using selenium.webdriver.

But the program is not retrieving the links from that website as I am expecting. Instead of that, it is throwing an error typeerror: 'webelement' object is not iterable

Here is the sample code snippet of mine:

import time
from selenium import webdriver
from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys

for ii in search:

Why I am getting this error? I have no idea about this. Do you guys pop up the error from it and help me to fix the problem? I really appreciate your help in this regard. It took already much times from me but couldn't find any way.

Thanks a lot.

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To become a good programmer it is mandatory to have a keen eye to find the problem from own codes at least. If you have had a close look you may able to find the problem. The compiler always sends the error message with hints. Well, the 'webelement' object is not iterable error is a type-error. It occurs due to misspelling in a program. In your case, you wrote find_element_by_xpath, what does that mean actually? You were supposed to get multiple links for a website but find_element_by_xpath is not able to get that because it is not iterable. That’s the reason your program encountering the error. To fix the error, write the line correctly.


This line is iterable and gets all the links from your asking webpage.


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