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I’ve written a basic python program and trying to compile and run it. Unfortunately, the program is not working for me. find the attached snippet below of my program:

def multiple_table(n):
    for i in range(1,16):
        print(' {0} x {1} = {2} '.format(n, i, n*i))

if_name_ == '_main_':
    n = input('Enter a number to multiply: ')

As you can see, the above program is supposed to create multiplication tables. The program should prompt a number from the user and find the multiplication table in the range. But, the problem is encountered on the line if _name_ == _main_ and I missed a (:) colon first time. Then I went to google and fix the problem by putting a colon after that line. I am still having the same issue on the same line with the same SyntaxError. I am used to writing codes in python 2. So, python-3 is pretty much new to me. I smell something very silly in that line but couldn’t figure out the problem. Could you please give a review into my codes and find out the bug?

I am looking forward to having a legit solution from you. Thanks.

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Hello Gavin,

Have a look at that line again. What you have written? It has to be

if __name__ == "__main__":

with a double underscore (_’_) but,

Not like this:

if_name_ == '_main_':

Change it to the correct form. It should run absolutely fine. Other operations are in good form. You can check the python 3.8 documentation from HERE.

I hope you got the sneaky point. So, save your day as your own  laughlaugh

Good Day!

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