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Problem :

I have recently installed IE11. Currently I am facing very strange issue with my  web browser plug-in it works perfectly in the IE9 , IE10 but when it comes to  IE11 my plug-in is not at all recognized as the add-on nor it is allowed to run. It is as if the IE11 no longer supports the ActiveX. I am facing below error:

“Microsoft net plug in not supported with current security settings”.

Please guide me in fixing above plugin related issue.

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Solution :

To fix your above issue you need to just follow below steps;

  1. First of all please open your Internet Explorer.
  2. Then you need to click on the Tools menu after that click on the Internet Options.
  3. Now on your Security tab you just need to click on your Custom level button.
  4. Then you can scroll down your Security Settings list up to the ActiveX controls and plug-ins.
  5. Next Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls you need to click on Enable.
  6. Kindly scroll down to the Download signed ActiveX controls and after that you can click on Enable or Prompt.
  7. Then you can scroll down to the Run ActiveX controls and then the plug-ins and next click the Enable or the Prompt.
  8. Next you need to scroll down to the Script ActiveX controls which are marked the safe for the scripting and then you can click Enable or the Prompt.
  9. Finally you just need to click on OK then just click OK again.
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STEP 1: It could be an add-on causing the issue.

Start>Control Panel>Internet Options>Advanced tab, uncheck "enable third-party browser extensions"

close all open IE windows and restart IE for the full changes to take effect…

STEP 2: started after the Windows 10 update

Does this in both IE 11, and Edge. Attempting to access a bank account. Have tried all the normal fixes, Uncheck the Allow 3rd Party box under Advanced, reset the trusted sites list and permissions to allow everything. I was going to attempt a reinstall, but I can't find a uninstaller under any remove programs application. This computer is also not joined to a AD, I have also checked the user profile to make sure it was assigned to the Admin group for Local Policies. 

STEP 3: Enable Flash in Chrome

Chrome might have displayed the ‘This plug-in is not supported’ error message because Flash is currently not enabled on the Chrome app, which explains why the affected webpage was not allowed to use Flash to run its content. In that case, all you have to do to make things right is enable Flash.

STEP 4: Install the latest flah player; Update Flash

Here, we are assuming the error notification came up because the Flash player is yet to be installed on the Chrome browser on your PC. Well, this explains the affected site’s struggles with the media content. If the required plugin is nonexistent, the content cannot be loaded or played.

STEP 5: Clear the browsing data in Chrome

Here, we are considering the possibility where Flash issues have something to do with corrupted data being used by your browser. If the assumptions (made here) hold true, then you will be able to fix the ‘This plug-in is not supported’ error by clearing Chrome browsing data. When you force Chrome to clear its browsing data, the application gets rid of bad files, entries, and packages that define your experience on the web.

STEP 6: Use another browser to test things (preferably Internet Explorer)

Since you are yet to resolve the problem, it is time you considered the possibility where the problem is down to Chrome’s lack of support for a different plugin (and not Flash). The site on you which you encountered the ‘This plug-in is not supported’ error might have displayed the notification to inform you that your browser cannot play its media content because it is not running the Java plugin, for example.

STEP 7: Use the IE tab extension in Chrome

If you somehow managed to find out that the plugin error is down to Chrome’s lack of support for the needed plugins on its platform – especially after you saw the media content on the affected webpage play normally on Internet Explorer – then you can make an addition to Chrome setup to fix things. Here, we want you to add or install a special extension (IE tab extension) that simulates the Internet Explorer environment in Chrome.

STEP 8: Use the NoPlugin Extension

NoPlugin is an incredibly useful extension through which browsers get to play multimedia content even when support for the plugins (needed to play the content) is lacking on their platforms. In other words, the extension enhances browsers’ compatibility with old websites (that still use outdated plugin technologies like Flash). NoPlugin works by converting the plugin code to HTML5 and then renders the result so that the media content plays right in the browser.

STEP 9: Update Chrome

Finally, we have to consider the possibility where the plugin is not supported issue is not down to Chrome’s lack of support for old plugins but rather newer technologies. Perhaps, the affected website or webpage is using some HTML5 technologies that your current browser build does not recognize. In that case, we can safely infer that your computer is running an old or outdated version of Chrome – because the newest Chrome build is always embedded with support for the relevant web technologies.

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