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Hi there! I am new to the world of programming. My programming teacher gave me an assignment in which I have to write a program in which there would be a function that will take two strings as input from user and will compare the size of both strings and then it will return the larger string of the two. I have no clue how to do that. Please provide me with the sample program with proper description. Thanks 
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You can use Length property of strings to compare the size of two or more strings. Following is the brief description of Length property:

Length Property:

In C#, there is a Length property for every string, array, list or collection in general, that is used to check the number of characters, elements and items  in collections, respectively. The syntax for using Length property is as follows:


Following is the sample program that you asked for:

using System;

namespace ConsoleApp2
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            //Declare two string variables to take input from user
            string str1, str2;

            //Ask user to enter first string
            Console.WriteLine("Enter First String: ");
            str1 = Console.ReadLine();
            //Ask user to enter second string
            Console.WriteLine("Enter Second String: ");
            str2 = Console.ReadLine();

            //Another string that catches the value returned by the function.
            //The strings entered by the user are passed as arguments to the Max() function.
            string output = Max(str1, str2);

            //printing the result
            Console.WriteLine("The larger string is: " + output);

        //Definition of the function that compares two strings and returns the larger one
        static string Max(string s1, string s2)
            //comparing two strings
            if (s1.Length > s2.Length)  //if true
                return s1;     //executed
            else if (s2.Length > s1.Length)  //if true
                return s2;     //executed
            else               //if both of the above conditions are false
                return "Both strings are equal in size";   //executed


Enter First String:
This is the larger string
Enter Second String:
This is smaller
The larger string is: This is the larger string
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