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47 5 2 min.
ArrayList is resizeable that makes it better than a simple array. Also, you can print the whole ArrayList using a single line of code. This flexibility and versatility make it easier to use and manipu...
posted Oct 20, 2020 Anaiza Malik 100 points
edited Oct 21, 2020 by Anaiza Malik
52 4 1 min.
Solution: You can simply use JavaScript to display the selected value or text from a drop-down list. Let us follow this stepSTEP 1: Create a drop box list<select id="country"> <option value=...
posted Apr 25, 2020 Tushar Shuvro 31,696 points
50 4 1 min.
Rounded floating-point numbers to two decimal places can be done by using various methods.Using the float precision:#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() {                float...
posted Jul 23, 2020 Farkhanda Athar 3,890 points
55 4 1 min.
Member declaration is a variable that is associated with a specific object and is accessible for all other member functions. The error occurs if a variable that does not belong to the class of variabl...
posted Aug 9, 2020 Lalit Kumar 1,240 points
50 6 2 min.
Solution 1: Using echo GetMAC() function echo GetMAC(); function GetMAC(){ ob_start(); system('getmac'); $Content = ob_get_contents(); ob_clean(); return substr($Content, str...
posted May 14, 2020 Tushar Shuvro 31,696 points
48 2 5 min.
Here one way you can do this​ <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head lang="en"> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <script language="JavaScript"> function showInput() { docum...
posted Apr 17, 2020 Tushar Shuvro 31,696 points
46 3 2 min.
Date is  an essential and every person uses their different formats of the date. But the ISO 8601 specifies a format of dd/mm/yyyy. Since 01/04/2003 is more clearer than 01/02/03. Some prefer to ...
posted Jun 23, 2020 Lalit Kumar 1,240 points
43 3 1 min.
 If you ever try to add two comparisons in an if statement then there is a chance that you may have faced an error named “expression must be a modifiable lvalue”. Luckily this is a co...
posted Apr 25, 2020 Lalit Kumar 1,240 points
edited Apr 26, 2020 by Lalit Kumar
44 2 1 min.
We can perform different conversions between different variables like we can convert float variable to integer variable. And these conversions are really helpful in numerous ways. We can easily conver...
posted Jul 5, 2020 Lalit Kumar 1,240 points
50 2 2 min.
We know java Script refers to a client side scripting language. In case we consider you are trying to get the users system folder path. Basically you can’t do this. It is barely allowed to fetch...
posted Apr 18, 2020 Tushar Shuvro 31,696 points
43 2 1 min.
When the user tries to view a PDF or delete a page from a PDF, then you see an error message;“A number is out of range.”A user can also get the same error when you try to perform other actions on the ...
posted Jul 7, 2020 Farkhanda Athar 3,890 points
47 2 2 min.
We know that, JSON format is broadly used across platforms and languages. With AJAX you can send and receive HTTP requests asynchronously between client and server. STEP 1: First, set a json file...
posted May 3, 2020 Tushar Shuvro 31,696 points
45 1 2 min.
Before discussing the error, we should know, what is a nested name specifier? C++ nested name specifiers are the prefixes to qualified names. For example, “foo::” in “foo::x” i...
posted Jun 30, 2020 Lalit Kumar 1,240 points
46 1 1 min.
The operation cannot be completed because some of the required items cannot be found. This is one of the most frustrating errors that occur on screen and keeps the users from deleting needed files or ...
posted Aug 8, 2020 Farkhanda Athar 3,890 points
47 3 1 min.
Solution:STEP 1: Using a comma seprated store it to an array and save the filesCode:<label for="aoi">Area of Interest:</label> <select id="sel_aoi" name="aoi[]" multiple="mult...
posted May 19, 2020 Tushar Shuvro 31,696 points
11 0 3 min.
The social network Instagram has developed many useful features - from creating business profiles for entrepreneurs or freelancers to viewing detailed statistics for each piece of content.In the old v...
posted May 17 amna 113,234 points
44 2 1 min.
What is the PHP accelerator?A PHP accelerator is a PHP extension that is designed to enhance the performance of those applications which are written in PHP language. The main purpose is to the cache t...
posted Apr 27, 2020 Farkhanda Athar 3,890 points
46 1 1 min.
The user can disable replies to your Google+ posts and Youtube comments in your Google+ settings. The only tricky step is to make sure that you are updating the settings for Google+ profile or page co...
posted Jul 4, 2020 Farkhanda Athar 3,890 points
50 2 1 min.
C++ programming allows the programmer to end a program or function before its normal termination. If conditions are used to test conditions in loops and iterations. A user can end program when the con...
posted Sep 6, 2020 Lalit Kumar 1,240 points
edited Sep 7, 2020 by Lalit Kumar
44 1 1 min.
This error usually occurs when the user tries conversion to an invalid data type.Example:For example, dict to string “raise” will raise the error, and ‘ignore’ will pass withou...
posted Jul 8, 2020 Farkhanda Athar 3,890 points