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In this post, we shall discuss about how work should be allocated to a team in a scrum project while following the agile practices. In order to completely understand this topic, it is highly imperative to have knowledge on the terminologies “Scrum” and “Agile”. In this post, we shall see few basic details about the Agile methodology and the Scrum type of agile model.


What is Agile Methodology?

On a high level, an agile methodology can be termed as an effective process by which the software product would be released on a periodic basis. It can be explained as one such practice where we tend break down the entire release into several small incremental type of iterations where the development and the testing phases in the project would be happening simultaneously. Each of the iteration would be adding some set of new features to the product. The development and the testing on each iterations would go hand in hand. The customer would be able to visualise the product in its early stage. The feedback from the customer would be obtained and based on the acquired feedback, the product would be redesigned in such a way that the product completely meets the expectations of the customer. Agile finds itself very suitable for small projects and emphasises on very less documentation. 


Scrum type of development in Agile Model:

Scrum type of model is among the development methods followed in the agile methodology. The name originates from the activity that gets performed in a rugby match. The scrum model mainly focuses on the development team and provides the various roles in the team and their corresponding responsibilities as well. The three main participants in the scrum are -

  1. Scrum Master  
  2. Product owner 
  3. Scrum team

Usually the scrum would have the release broken down to various iterations called as sprints. The product owner creates product backlogs and assigns them in the backlogs. During the start of every sprint, user stories are prioritised to be taken for development. Scrum team would be having daily meetings to check on the progress of their allocated user stories. The Scrum master usually assumes the responsibility of conducting the sprint planning and retrospective meetings.


Work allocation in a scrum:

Even though the product owner creates the product backlogs and adds them to the sprint backlogs and the scrum master conducts the sprint planning meetings, they both don't assume the role of allocating the stories to the individual team members. In the sprint meetings, the description and the acceptance criteria of the user stories are discussed. Based on the outcome of the discussion and the domain expertise of the individual team member, the stories gets picked through volunteering. Once the stories gets picked, they are broken down into granular level sub stories.

Thus we have seen about the Agile and its scrum model. And also basically how the work allocation happens in a scrum. We have come to the end of this post. 

Hope you found this post informative. 

Thanks for reading :)