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Sometimes you want to find out where contacts are stored on your Android mobile when you need to backup them from mobile to computer or recover them from a broken mobile. Here are some ways you can quickly find which folder your contacts are stored in on Android. You will also learn how to export contacts from the Android mobile, even if the mobile is not working well.

If the contacts are stored in the internal storage of your Android mobile, they will be specifically stored in the /data/data/com.Android.providers.contacts/databases/contacts.db directory . The folder will not be found until the mobile is rooted, therefore, you cannot easily navigate to the contacts folder as you can with the Pictures or Screenshots folders.

Also, the contacts in this folder are not saved as VCF files, but as SQLite 3 files, which can only be opened with dedicated programs, such as SQLiteman, DB Browser for SQLite.

Although it is not easy to access the location of contacts on Android, you can easily export them from Android to PC or other mobile with a useful transfer program.

2. Contacts on SIM card

It is possible that your contacts are stored on the SIM card of your Android mobile. If the device goes bad or you would like to make a backup copy of your contacts, a quick way is to remove the card and insert it into another mobile. Then navigate to " Contacts " on the new mobile to check if the contacts are available.

3. Contacts on the SD card

If your Android mobile is equipped with an SD card, your contacts can also be stored on it. Take out the card and test it on another mobile to see if you can export your contacts from the SD card.

Hope it helps.

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