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This is simple Online Application system source code which you can use for educational project or for learning purpose.  In this Online Examination system source code you can find all different library which we have use to build this system. This is not a complete source code file, but you can find source till video tutorial which we have publish Final year student can use this source code for build his or her project. The main purpose of publishing this source code is to learn how to make Web based or Online Application in PHP with Mysql database and different web technology like Ajax, jQuery, Parsley.js, Bootstrap library, jQuery Datatable plugin etc. So, which ever video tutorial we have publish on PHP Online Examination system, then that video tutorial source code you can find under this zip file. So, download source and watch video tutorial and learn how to make Online Examination System in PHP.

The Online Examination System In PHP was developed using PHP, JavaScript, CSS and Bootstrap, In this Online Examination System In PHP Tutorial teach you on how to manipulate a Online Examination System In PHP and MySQL Source Code.

An online examination system project FREE Project in PHP with Source Code is a PHP project created to generate a Random examination, Quiz, and Result. This Source code is an online examination in PHP where the user can answer and generate results after submitting it.


  • Generate Questions – Using this system, you can generate your desired questions for a specific exam or topics
  • Create Multiple Choices – By default, you can create multiple choices for selections of answers.
  • Identification – as part of the exam, you can have an identification section.
  • Test Results – After the exam, you can automatically view the exam results.
  • Friendly User Interface – It has a user-friendly design of GUI.

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